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You have entered the first layer of
Hidden Secrets

Discover how deep this Rabbit Hole goes…

The Summer of Tomorrow is filled with games and other forms of entertainment, but know this: We’re serious about our entertainment!

The Summer of Tomorrow is the world’s introduction to true edutainment!

There are secrets hidden everywhere, some here and some throughout the Internet.  Follow your instincts.  Some may look like regular Easter Eggs, but hold hidden meanings.  Others will behave like currency.  Collect a series of “tickets” and then gain admission to the next level.

Some secrets may lay dormant, and then later appear, so keep your eyes open at all times, and keep checking back.  Whenever the date on the website changes, there may be more hidden secrets.  The only way to know for sure is to check.

There will be secrets for everyone: consumers, businesses, the media, futurists, activists, teachers, parents, nonprofits, government officials, and more.  The secrets are there for fun, but they are also there for a reason.

Your first secret is this:

Advertising is already being replaced by edutainment, and marketing now focuses on locating and using prosumers to spread the message.

What will this mean for you and your future? Again, this depends on whether you are a consumer, a business, the media, a futurist, an activist, a teacher, a parent, a nonprofit, a government official, and so on.

One thing is for sure: This Rabbit Hole keeps going.  There’s no end…

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole!