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Major Projects

City of Tomorrow

This multidimensional project allows for the ultimate in experimentation for real estate investing, urban planning, sustainability, educational reform, health reform, employee practices, life style exploration, and more.  With Celebration, FL, Disney wrote the script and everyone else served as the production team to create the production.  Do you have ideas for the script for the City of Tomorrow? Do you want to be on the production team? Do you want to invest, as the “producer”?

Innovations of Tomorrow

Throughout the 20th century, companies have created wonderful innovations.  This will only accelerate as the 21st century progresses.  What’s different is that, increasingly, individuals will contribute to these innovations.  The Innovations of Tomorrow project will bring consumers, companies, and third parties together to make magic happen.  Let’s experiment...

Entertainment of Tomorrow

Increasingly, there will be an educational quality to all forms of entertainment.  Currently, advertising drives commerce around the world.  With the Entertainment of the Future, edutainment will drive all aspects of commerce.  Ideas will be presented in an entertaining way, and people will come together to make it happen, like one big reality program.  The edutainment content that started it all will continue to educate the public on the process as things develop.

Commerce of Tomorrow

Throughout history, people have been duped into buying products and services to solve all their problems.  It’s already started...  People are too savvy to just keep buying.  They participate in the sharing economy, they decide that status symbols aren’t worth it, and so on. The spread of information electronically is changing the psyche of the world.  How will this affect commerce? What do companies need to do now to sell their products and services? Hint: They have to get consumers involved, as in the Summer of Tomorrow!

The Society of Tomorrow

Science fiction provides many alternative futures for society.  What do we need to do to avoid dystopian predictions? How can we adopt positive outcomes sooner rather than later? It turns out the the Star Trek economy is already starting to happen.  Find out how you can personally benefit from creating the Society of Tomorrow.

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