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You have entered the second layer of
Hidden Secrets

Shhh…  This is just for the media…

It’s no secret: All forms of media–even hardcore news outlets–are increasingly turning up the level of entertainment.  There is little distinction now between “the media” and “the entertainment industry.”

We hope you will join in our little game this summer, for the Summer of Tomorrow:

Please don’t think of all this as frivolous.  It’s not!

We’ll let you discover this secret yourself, but it has to do with George Bernard Shaw’s quote:

Mark Twain and I are in the same position. We have put things in such a way as to make people, who would otherwise hang us, believe that we are joking.

Go ahead and figure it out…  What’s behind all the fun and games?

Please follow up by sending an e-mail to, and tell us how you’d like to proceed.

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole!