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Entertainment of Tomorrow

Increasingly, there will be an educational quality to all forms of entertainment.  Currently, advertising drives commerce around the world.  With the Entertainment of the Future, edutainment will drive all aspects of commerce.  Ideas will be presented in an entertaining way, and people will come together to make it happen, like one big reality program.  The edutainment content that started it all will continue to educate the public on the process as things develop.

This summer, we will feature glimpses of the Entertainment of Tomorrow here, on this website.

The Fusion of Entertainment and Commerce

This example is purely entertainment, without the education, but it definitely demonstrates the potential for edutainment to drive commerce.  This is an Easter Egg, so we’ll leave it for you to discover.  Go to the website for O’Reilly Auto Parts and search for product 121G.  Great viral campaign! Would you like to similarly create an Easter Egg or viral campaign? Let us know! If you have an idea for applying this to education, we’d love to hear it.

Do you have an idea or event related to the Entertainment of Tomorrow? Would you like to discover ways to get involved?

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