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You have entered the second layer of
Hidden Secrets

Shhh…  This is just for consumers and prosumers…

We’re not yet ready to tell you what you’ll find or where you’ll find it.  However, …

As a general rule, businesses everywhere are looking for you! Yes, you.

Some secrets are obvious, like coupon codes.  However, other secrets are subtler, like getting on a little known mailing list, with special privileges.  Perhaps they will give you a Golden Ticket.  They may or may not call it that, but the Golden Ticket will let you enter something very special.  Businesses won’t tell you how far you’ve climbed up their prosumer ladder, but the Summer of Tomorrow will reveal many of their secrets.

Think about who will want you and what they can offer you.  Think about what you can offer them in return.  (This is important!)

Send an e-mail to, and tell us what you’re searching for.

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole!