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Commerce of Tomorrow

Throughout history, people have been duped into buying products and services to solve all their problems.  It’s already started...  People are too savvy to just keep buying.  They participate in the sharing economy, they decide that status symbols aren’t worth it, and so on. The spread of information electronically is changing the psyche of the world.  How will this affect commerce? What do companies need to do now to sell their products and services? Hint: They have to get consumers involved, as in the Summer of Tomorrow!

This summer, we will feature glimpses of the Commerce of Tomorrow here, on this website.

The Fusion of Entertainment and Commerce

This is an Easter Egg, so we’ll leave it for you to discover.  Go to the website for O’Reilly Auto Parts and search for product 121G.  Great viral campaign! Would you like to similarly create an Easter Egg or viral campaign? Let us know!

Or check out Red Bull.  You know...  the energy drink...  That’s what we’re talking about!

Do you have an idea or event related to the Commerce of Tomorrow? Would you like to discover ways to get involved?

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